Here Are Some Popular Criminal Celebs You Did’nt Know

The romance and action in Bollywood movies are highly appreciated. It does not matter whether the audience is of our nation or foreign movie-freaks. But even more than the movies, it’s the charm and passion of the Bollywood celebs. This creates a spark in these respected movies. These actors suceeded pull-off these rolls with best possible outcome imaginable. Now that’s one hell of a talent! The problem is their environment switches from reel-life to real-life, but their acting doesn’t stop. Unfortunately, this result in arguments, fights, criminal activities etc. resulting in criminals charges against these celebs. So here’s a list of five famous Bollywood celebs who got into some dispute/criminal activity and ultimately facing criminal charges.

1. Shahrukh Khan


In 2012, the Badshah of Bollywood got into an argument with the Maharashtra Cricket Association officials when SRK accused them of manhandling his children. The MCA officials, on the other hand, accused Khan of engaging in a drunken brawl with them.


SRK got into a verbal spat with the security guard at Wankhede stadium after an IPL match. The match was between Kolkata Knight Riders and the Mumbai Indians. It resulted in him to face a ban from MCA on entering Wankhede Stadium for five years!

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