Bollywood’s most famous star changed their name to get Success.



God of south indian people Rajnikanth changed his name from Sivaji Rao Gaekwad to Rajnikanth. The director K.Balachander advised him to change his name as Rajnikanth and Rajnikanth proved quite lucky for this superstar.

2) Ajay Devgan


Ajay devgan leading and versatile actor in Indian film industry. His original name is Vishal devgan,but he might confuse about this name so he decided to change his name from vishal to Ajay.

3)Salman khan

Salman khan better known as his stage name Sallubhai. The original name of sallubhai is Abdul Rashid Salim Khan.



Preity zinta owner of IPL team “kings eleven Punjab” The real name of this gorgeous  actress is Preetam Zinta Singh.

5)Sunny Deol

Very loudly shouting person sunny deol also changed his name from Ajay singhdeol to sunny deol
sunnydeol’s younger brother also change his name Vijay singhdeol to bobby deol.
Both sunny and bobby is fine method actor.

6) Saif ali khan


The real name of saifali khan is not known by many people. He is better known as his stage name saifali khan

The original name of saif is sajidali khan.
This Mistry was solved when saif filed for his marriage application by his original name sajidali khan.



bollywood’sgabbar Akshay kumaraslo change his name for Bollywood career.
original name of akki is Rajiv Bhatia

8)Sunny leone


Baby doll fame sunny leone changed her name from Karanjit Kaur Vohra to sunny leone.
She changed her name before enter un Bollywood but she has been using same name for Bollywood town.

9) Katrina Kaif


Katrina kaif is most beautiful actress in bollywood house.
Katrina also known as Kat.
The original name of kat is Kate Turquotte.