Bollywood beauty Zareen khan’s shocking confession You might be amazed.

1)Now you may be called Zareen sexy, stunning, and beautiful but do you really know about her teenage past?
Now Zareen is added in list of weight shed actress,
She reduce almost 43 kilogram.


Zareen khan when she is in teenage, this picture was since from long year back, but it was blurred.

2) Zareen khan’s shocking photograph on social media.


Zareen post this epic pic on Facebook. White one is of when Zareen in 9th standard and pink one was when she gave her 12th exams.

3) Stunning Zareen gave some messages to a girl who is fatty.

Now you can see how Zareen maintain and manage her body. This is happened only after lots of hardworking and patience’s. This is a massage from Zareen to a people who ashamed their body.


4) Zareen’s 1st debut in film veer with super star salman khan.

After lots of hardworking and work out Zareen made herself to be fine actress and she get chance to do film with salman khan’s VEER.


5)Next film READY made herself to talk in Bollywood town.


In the film READY she appeared in item song “maikaru to saala character deelahai”withsalman khan.

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