7 Most Stylish Pregnant Bollywood Celebs Of India

Well, Bollywood is a lot about image and maintaining it can sometimes become difficult. Bollywood celebs are public figures. So it matters to their stardom and image about how they carry and maintain themselves. And this is why style is an essential component of their lives. No, we are not AT ALL against it. But what happens when our popular Bollywood celebs get pregnant? They gain weight; they lose their body shape, and they have to struggle a lot to regain that fame and popularity in Bollywood. In this article, we are going to bring you the seven most stylish Bollywood celebs who retained their graceful personal even when they became pregnant. Have a look!

1. Genelia D’Souza


She is about to be a second-time mother. But the picture portrays she knows exactly how to carry her baby bums.

2. Lara Dutta


Who can forget the Lara Dutta? Once the diva of Bollywood, she didn’t fail to maintain herself perfectly even when she was pregnant. This picture proves how glamorous she is, even when she is in her normal routine.

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